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Langkawi Daily News: go to our new 'Langkawi Gazette'

Best of Langkawi - Langkawi Gazette Logo

The Langkawi Daily News you find now in our new "Langkawi Gazette". Here we report the day to day live stories about the things happening on our Island. 


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Langkawi Info: Langkawi Destination Manual

Best of Langkawi - Langkawi Destination Manual by Jason Kruse

Best short overview of Langkawi, written by Jason Kruse, ex GM of the well known 'Casa del Mar' in Pantai Cenang.
Here you truly have a good basic introduction.

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Langkawi: More Info


Some further general information not covered in the above Langkawi Destination Manual, with links and references.

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Langkawi Culture


Langkawi has three distinct cultures: The Malay, the Chinese and the Indian. Find here the food, legends, myths, museums, batik, festivals, traditional healers and more.

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Langkawi Nature


550 million year old rainforests with amazing hornbills and eagles, big exotic butterflies, monitor lizards, monkeys and some species found nowhere else . . .

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Langkawi To Do


Great beaches, parasailing above the emerald Andaman Sea, mangrove tours and canopy adventures, bird watching, nature walks, all-night parties... and much more.

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Langkawi Reviews


Reviews by visitors and travel journalists. Insider tips to help you to get the very best from your Langkawi holiday. 
Been to Langkawi? Add your review !


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Langkawi Archives


Historical reports about Langkawi, it's tourism and it's businesses in recent years.
This section is in no logical order - use the search function on this site to find specific information.

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Langkawi Ads

Best of Langkawi Articles
Gamat - the Traditional Healer of Langkawi
Legends of Langkawi - Short version
Legends of Langkawi - Longer version
Food, glorious Malaysian food
What's Malaysia Famous For?
Malaysia's many Holidays
Pulau Langkawi
Malaysian Cuisine
The Adorable Lah - Authentically Malaysian
Legends of the Seven Wells
Ibrahim Hussein Arts Center in Langkawi
Langkawi International Festival of Art (LIFA)
Ibrahim Hussein: Up Close and Personal
Ibrahim Hussein Foundations Museum
Mahsuri Tale Brings Thunder and Rain
The Legendary Mountains of Langkawi
Langkawi Food
Langkawi Culture & History
Langkawi Batik with Soul
What-lah is this all about? (Strictly Malaysian)
Spiritual Time in Malaysia
Legends of Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi: Pirate Isle of Legends
Nasi Lemak, Our National Dish
Malaysian Culture
Malaysia Boleh!
Chinese in Malaysia
Malaysia's Indian Community
Kompang (Traditional Music)
Chinese Lion Dance in Malaysia
Kuda Kepang - Malaysian Dance and Theatre
Hindu Kingdoms 100 BC - 1400 AD
Islam and the Golden Age of Malacca
Who Are Malaysians?
Ancient Malaysia: 35,000 BC - 100 BC
Colonial Malaysia 1511 AD - 1957 AD
Independence and Onward: 1957 - Present Day
Craft of Malaysia
Malaysia's Games and Past Times
Malaysian Music And Dances
Jalur Gemilang - The Malaysian Flag
Bunga Raya - Malaysia`s Hibiscus
Hari Raya Puasa - Malaysia's Festivals
Chinese New Year in Malaysia
Deepavali - Malaysia's Festival of Lights
Langkawi Popular Food
Christmas in Malaysia
Malaysia's Mooncake Festival
Thaipusam - Malaysia`s Hindu Festival
Nasi Goreng Kampung
Mee Goreng Mamak
Laksa Johor
The Spice Of Life
Langkawi A Mystical Paradise
Belacan - that Divine Smelly Shrimp Paste
The Ever Versatile Nasi Goreng a Langkawi Favorite Food
The Floral Bath (mandi bunga) Ritual
The Sensational Durian - Love it or Hate it!
Always Time For Laksa - Langkawi Food
Recipe: Acar Awak (spicy mixed vegetable pickle)
Recipe: Acar Hu (fish pickle)
Otak-Otak - Traditional Malaysian Fish Mousse
Spellbound Odissi Live at Tanjung Rhu
Their Own Little Paradise
Learning Bahasa Malaysia
Oh, To be 48 Years Old and Loving It
Belgian Banker-turned-author Promotes Malaysia Through Books
The Magnificent Hornbills
An Ocean Liner Called Earth
Untold Langkawi - Jewel of the North
A Cornucopia of Biological Treasures
Jungle Odyssey
In Full Feathered Splendor
Eco-Tourism & Fine Cuisine
1,000 Japanese arrive to help plant trees
Langkawi Coral Mapping Using Satellite Imagery
The Malaysian Nature Society
Conservation News:News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 16 April 2003
Conservation News: News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 14 April 2003
Conservation News: News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 17 April 2003
Conservation News: News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 13 April 2003
Conservation News: News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 18 April
Knowing the Palm Plant
Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi News, 10 April 2003
News from the Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi, 11 April 2003
Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi News , 12 April 2003
Scientific and Heritage Expedition Langkawi News, 15 April 2003
First Sighting of the Nesting Mountain Hawk-Eagles in Malaysia !
Spectacled Langur - Dusky Leaf Monkey Business
Langkawi - Idyllic islands where Eagles soar
Healing Power of Gamat
Sea Cucumber Facts
Conservation News : Don't Feed the Monkeys
Heritage & Scientific Expedition 2003 Langkawi Islands
Managers Find Answers Swinging From a Langkawi Tree
Caves in Langkawi
Bird Watching On Langkawi island
Malaysia National Park and Preservation
Fruits of Malaysia
Edge of Darkness
Five Stars to A Malaysian Eco Warrior.
Langkawi Takes The Leads
The Plight of the Sea Eagle
Love Is In the Air
Mangrove Swamps As Strong Waves Barriers
Mangroves Stop Tsunami
Resort Presents a Glimpse Into Langkawi’s Exotic Wildlife & Nature
A Walk In The Dark
Number One Orchid Supplier
Sequestered Souls In Stunning Langkawi
Lazing on Lush Langkawi Island
Robbed In Paradise - Times Writer Burgled by Langkawi Monkeys
Expect The Unexpected on This Legendary Island
Langkawi for Island Honeymoons - Where Time Stands Still
Berjaya Beach and Spa Resort in Rainforest
Chamber Music On The Beach
Langkawi the island of leisure
The Datai - New York Times
Watching Dolphins by the Andaman
Barn Thai Restaurant Langkawi
Reclaiming Vigour at Mandara Spa
Spa & Golf in The Idyllic Langkawi
Langkawi Hotel Reviews
Muatiara Burau Bay Resort Langkawi Malaysia
A Culinary Adventure in Langkawi Malaysia
Pre-Honeymoon in Langkawi
Return to Langkawi - a Traveler's Blog
Photo-free in lovely Langkawi
The Datai Hotel - an Asian Review
Restaurant & Dinning
Review Pelangi Beach Resort
Langkawi Island of Dream
Beautiful Langkawi
Irshad Mobarak - The Natural Naturalist
Langkawi's Nature A Huge Tourist Asset
Eco-Luxury in Langkawi
An Introduction to Air Trekking
Rainforest Canopy Adventure
Frommer's Overview of Langkawi
Lazy Days in Langkawi
The Datai Wins Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Horse Riding in the Langkawi Jungle
Jungle VIPs in Tropical Langkawi
A True Gem: Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort, Langkawi
Langkawi's many Islands - Overview
Mahathir bin Mohamad - a Langkawi Hero
Unconventional Wisdom - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
The Datai Resort Langkawi, Malaysia
The Datai, Langkawi (Malaysia)
Living It Up On Langkawi - a British Perspective
Redemption at Tanjung Rhu
Langkawi's Best-Kept Secret
Langkawi A Yacht Cruiser's Shangri-la
Datai Bay Golf Club
Langkawi, Datai Bay and The Andaman Hotel
Langkawi Straight To The Point
Langkawi - Solace in Wonderland
KLIA Gets The Thumbs-Up From British Travellers
Irshad Mobarak: Naturalist Par Excellence
All Walks of Life
Forest Trump
Irshad the Arden Naturalist
Meet Cheft Uieli Bachhofner from Tanjung Rhu Resort
Welcome Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia
They Really Care About You
Mystic Mangrove Dining
Beautiful and Scenic View Holiday Villa
Aseania Review
Sunset Beach Resort: A real gem
Langkawi, Malaysia - Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort
Real Life Honeymoon
Curried Away by Malaysia
Sensual Spas
Malaysian Batik Set to Dazzle LID Delegates
Batik at the Millennial Turn
A Blast of a day on Langkawi
A Hands-on Holiday Aboard the Stardust
Charter Boat Weekend
Enchanting Getaway at Sheraton Perdana
Slice of Island Life
Unkaizan - Worth Visiting
Selayang Healthcare: Acupuncture that Works!
Captain’s Grill.. Where Dining Is A Lavish Experience
Silolona In Style
Look and learn
Mystical Langkawi
Nestled in Supreme Comfort
Job of Joy - Irshad Mobarak
Seasons To Be Jolly Well Pampered
A new Sense of Arrival at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort